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I'm Marshal and I'm an

Creative, goal-oriented professional with experience in a variety of leadership, instructional, and organizational roles. Strong background in written, oral, and visual communication. Exceptionally skilled at adapting to challenging situations and finding innovative solutions to challenging problems. Excellent analytical and interpersonal skills. Passionate about using technology to advance efficiency and effectiveness in education.

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My Passions


Never not learning. Extensive experience in academics as both a student and an instructor. I hold graduate degrees in Instructional Design & Technology, Information Science, Cybersecurity, and Organizational Leadership.


Technology has always fascinated me. I love to observe the new tools that society creates and how they use them. My hope is to critically engage in emerging trends while maintaining a discerning spirit towards the newest and coolest.


I am an advocate for libraries, open source, privacy, and digital rights.

My Skills

My creative skills & experiences.

I have experience in a number of technical areas.

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HTML 100%
CSS 90%
JavaScript 30%
PHP 50%
Python 80%
MySQL 70%


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Marshal Miller
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