Instructional Technologist
Assisted in deployment and maintenance of first one-to-one iPad program in the state of Florida. Served as technological consultant for local, national, and international private schools – primarily regarding iPad integration in the classroom. Worked closely with faculty to effectively integrate technology into the classroom to enhance student learning. Led faculty through the transition to Google Apps and provided training to guarantee continued success. Created and maintained online help desk ticketing system to more effectively and efficiently provide support to employees and students.  Oversaw web-streaming of athletic, social, and fundraising events. Created promotional material such as radio spots and web content. Shot and produced various videos including senior tributes, commercials, sports highlights, weekly wrap-up shows, fundraisers, and orientation resources. Taught middle and high school video production classes that explored concept development, storyboarding, screenwriting, cinematic techniques, non-linear editing, and post-production. 
Maintained school’s learning management system (Moodle).
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